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New map template added:

If you're interested in us integrating with other individual countries like France, UK or individual continents like Africa, Europe, would you please send us a quick email support@chartsbin.com telling us which country?

tag:blog.chartsbin.com,2013:Post/522888 2011-01-30T15:05:31Z 2015-02-09T08:50:47Z How to Upload Data into ChartsBin.com?

In this tutorial you can learn How to upload data into chartsbin.com?

Login to chartsbin.com/login

Step 1: Open Excel or CSV (comma-separated values) file and select range of cells you like to upload.

    Selecting 'Copy' from the menu which appears on the right mouse click or simply press Ctrl-C (Windows) or Command-C (Macintosh) to copy.

    Step 2: Click on  Create New Dataset from top menu bar.

    Click in inside textbox and paste in the data you have copied from Excel or CSV file. To do this, selecting 'paste' from the menu which appears on the right mouse click or simply press Ctrl-V (Windows) or Command-V (Macintosh) to paste.


    Step 3: Click 'Preview of your data' button. This will give you a table similar to that below.

    Enter 'Title' and 'Source' (If it is your own dataset then enter your own name) and click 'Create'.

    Congratulations!, you have successfully uploaded a dataset.

    tag:blog.chartsbin.com,2013:Post/522889 2010-12-13T18:13:00Z 2013-10-08T17:13:08Z How to create Bar chart inside a tooltip in 2 Minutes?

    via chartsbin.com

    In this short tutorial you can learn How to create Bar chart inside tooltip?

    • Step 1: Upload data into chartsbin.com
    • Step 2: Select a visualization type you want to visualize
    • Step 3: Define the data that you want to show on the map

    So, assuming you already did/know first 3 steps

    • Step 4: Click 'Tooltip test' (look at the screenshot below)

    Syntax Templet: {C<Column number>}

    Simple eg:

    • US${C2} → UD$90

    In the above text we will replace {C2} with respect to coloum 2 in your Dataset table.

    More eg:

    • {C2}% → 90%
    • {C2} per 1000 people → 90 per 1000 people
    • {C2} km² → 90 km²
    • Rank: {C2} and Score: {C3} → Rank: 90 and Score: 3.25

      Simple Bar chart Templet:


      • <value> - value should be inside the limit 0 to 100 (Percentages work best as they are going to have a maximum value of 100). You should beware that the chart will crop anything above 100.

      Bar chart eg: if C2 = 20

      Input:    {BAR({C2})} {C2}%   -------→  Output: ▇▇▇ 20%

      Input:    {BAR({C2})} {C2}%   -------→  Output: ▇▇▇ 20%

      Input:    {BAR({C2})} {C2}%   -------→  Output: ▇▇▇ 20%

      Note: Curly brackets '{' '}' is important.

      How to create Bar chart inside a tooltip in 2 Minutes video?

      tag:blog.chartsbin.com,2013:Post/522890 2010-12-10T22:27:59Z 2015-05-27T20:22:12Z How to Create a Interactive Thematic Map in 2 Minutes?

      In this step-by-step tutorial we will create interactive thematic world map using ChartsBin platform.

      Note: This is a quick video and has no sound (Please turn on video annotation; Best view in HD). The online help system is in the process of being updated.

      Follow these steps:

      tag:blog.chartsbin.com,2013:Post/522891 2010-09-18T03:01:00Z 2013-10-08T17:13:08Z New Features

      ChartsBin.com now have a new map player. In which you can change different map projections preferences.

      New Features

      • Now you can view and change map projections.
      • Zoom-In into see small islands.
      • Able to view in full-screen.
      • Can save map as image.

      List of projection currently implemented:

      1. Cylindrical Equal Area Projection
      2. Gall-Peters Projection
      3. Mercator Projection
      4. Miller Cylindrical Projection
      5. Mollweide Projection
      6. Robinson Projection
      7. Sinusoidal Projection
      8. Van der Grinten (I) Projection
      9. Winkel Tripel Projection

      tag:blog.chartsbin.com,2013:Post/522892 2009-09-08T22:54:00Z 2013-10-08T17:13:08Z Launch ChartsBin.com

      We is excited to announce the launch of the new web site (ChartsBin.com) for Statisticians, number crunchers, computer scientists, and similar folks. The site focused on building the most exciting and engaging destination for statisticians, and computer scientists in the world. ChartsBin.com is simple and interactive way of showing historical and current statistical data to chart or graph.