How to create Bar chart inside a tooltip in 2 Minutes?


In this short tutorial you can learn How to create Bar chart inside tooltip?

  • Step 1: Upload data into
  • Step 2: Select a visualization type you want to visualize
  • Step 3: Define the data that you want to show on the map

So, assuming you already did/know first 3 steps

  • Step 4: Click 'Tooltip test' (look at the screenshot below)

Syntax Templet: {C<Column number>}

Simple eg:

  • US${C2} → UD$90

In the above text we will replace {C2} with respect to coloum 2 in your Dataset table.

More eg:

  • {C2}% → 90%
  • {C2} per 1000 people → 90 per 1000 people
  • {C2} km² → 90 km²
  • Rank: {C2} and Score: {C3} → Rank: 90 and Score: 3.25

    Simple Bar chart Templet:


    • <value> - value should be inside the limit 0 to 100 (Percentages work best as they are going to have a maximum value of 100). You should beware that the chart will crop anything above 100.

    Bar chart eg: if C2 = 20

    Input:    {BAR({C2})} {C2}%   -------→  Output: ▇▇▇ 20%

    Input:    {BAR({C2})} {C2}%   -------→  Output: ▇▇▇ 20%

    Input:    {BAR({C2})} {C2}%   -------→  Output: ▇▇▇ 20%

    Note: Curly brackets '{' '}' is important.

    How to create Bar chart inside a tooltip in 2 Minutes video?

    New Features now have a new map player. In which you can change different map projections preferences.

    New Features

    • Now you can view and change map projections.
    • Zoom-In into see small islands.
    • Able to view in full-screen.
    • Can save map as image.

    List of projection currently implemented:

    1. Cylindrical Equal Area Projection
    2. Gall-Peters Projection
    3. Mercator Projection
    4. Miller Cylindrical Projection
    5. Mollweide Projection
    6. Robinson Projection
    7. Sinusoidal Projection
    8. Van der Grinten (I) Projection
    9. Winkel Tripel Projection